1993, more than 210 projects since the foundation, over 700,000 built-in square meters, online warranty system, new business lines: property development, tower crane sales, prefabrication plant – just several figures and achievements to characterize the past 25 years of Grabarics Építőipari Kft. The former micro-enterprise with a small number of employees is today one of the actors dominating the Hungarian construction industry. We are rightly proud of our performance, of all what we have achieved by consequent work in a quarter of a century. Not alone the experience of a quarter of a century what our company is possessing but we are still subject to fast and steady development, which means that the company is constantly exposed to new challenges. The revitalization of the property development business and the foundation of Grabarics Development Kft. has generated changes, as well. The head of the old-new business line will be László Karacs, the present managing director of the firm possessing wide experience, while the business management tasks of the company with revenues of nearly 20 billion HUF will be performed by a four-member cabinet with the goal of fulfilling imminent tasks by devoting the best of our knowledge to excellent quality.
We believe that readers engaged in the construction industry will welcome a periodical, in which we intend to address all issues that professionals are interested in today. We would like to entertain you and make you ponder, and perhaps to give new aspects to the topical and most burning issues of the business, and to give account on national and international events and news. All this in such a way that, although the title of the Grabarics Building Magazine (GÉM) reflects its origin, involves the broadest public interested in the topic. We intend to fill a niche by means of a publication that is engaged in the everyday issues of the building industry in a popular way.

Welcome it, please!

The Grabarics Kft. Team
In 2018 the newspaper titled MONITOR started its 9th volume. At the beginning we intended to inform our staff members on the most important and happy news concerning the company, nevertheless, we observed in the course of years that our partners wish to know, too, what happens within the walls. This means that the magazine has been dedicated to all readers who wish to be informed about Grabarics Építőipari Kft. in a colorful and interesting way. We show you in the magazine the everyday life of the company and reflect the feeling of being a member of the Grabarics staff: construction sites, events, community life – we are present everywhere. Besides our website and newsletter, you can also follow our news and events in our Facebook site. The technical videos and summaries made on our construction sites are accessible through our own YouTube channel.

We wish you enjoyable browsing!

The Grabarics Kft. Team