General contracting as core activity

The Grabarics Construction Ltd was founded in 1993 by Gábor Grabarics as a family business in Dunaújváros, which has evolved into the medium size company through the last quarter of a century while dealing with general contracting in the construction industry. The operation of the company has been characterised by a long term thinking right from the beginning, and the company makes efforts to achieve continuous development and improvement. The owners keep on making efforts to accomplish well-grounded and regular development within the company, so that we could be well justified by saying that this is one of the best building companies in the country.

The team of about 250 highly qualified members are engaged with general contracting primarily. Thanks to the dynamic development taking place in the past decades the company is recognised as one of determining professional building company within the domestic construction industry. Our references mean an excellent introduction of our knowledge, abilities and expertize. We have implemented a couple of hundred projects since the foundation of the company in 1993, the majority of which includes industrial developments, logistics centres, public institutions, hotels, residential buildings and commercial estates.    

The name Grabarics is becoming known in an ever widening field, and it means a good performance in abroad in addition to the Hungarian market: structures are being built by the company in Germany in excellent quality as a result of a conscientious planning taking place through the years. We are in a position to declare that we managed to reach the German quality standards by know thanks to the committed work. Our subsidiary in Germany represents the values of the mother company, including the commitment to high quality, as a result of which a number of loyal customers could be secured in abroad too, who keep on placing new orders.    

The wide range of our activities includes all kinds of important works associated with building right from the designing up to the turnkey handing over.

We are proud to get awarded the Business Superbrands status in 2019 for the sixth time after getting it in each consecutive year, which recognises the extremely high quality, and by which we managed to be ranked among the most popular brands in Hungary. 

The successful implementation of our projects could be attributed primarily to the excellent work done by our colleagues. Further indispensable elements of our success include the attitude focusing on development, our professional commitment, and the long experience and efforts of our colleagues in the construction industry, as well as the significant resources of production: wide ranging stock of machines and equipment, reinforcing steel prefabricating plant and our own professionally well-equipped factory, which manufactures steel structures. 

Our company took over the full capacity operation of the reinforced concrete prefabricating plant in Heves in the spring of 2017 with the objective of making sure that prefabricated reinforced concrete structures could be delivered in reliable quality and always in time to the building projects of the company. Under the trade name Grabarics Reinforced Concrete (GVB) a new era was started in the plant having state of art equipment after a rather uncertain business life.


A company management system is utilized to ensure the business administration and the engineering-financial controlling of our projects. As a result of the above facts we are now able to implement a number of large projects each having magnitudes of billion HUF simultaneously.

Our primary objective is to ensure a correct, well planned market presence and attitude, an excellent quality and high precision in the domestic construction industry. For this purpose we conduct our activities every day with the harmonized use of the highest level systems of quality assurance, company management and environmental management, so that the expectations of our customers could be met reliably, in an economically efficient and flexible manner while complying with the undertaken deadlines.