In May 2018, Grabarics Építőipari Kft acquired the complete capacity of the prefab RC plant at Heves. In the otherwise modern plant but with a history of ups and downs, a new era has begun under the brand name Grabarics VasBeton, i.e. GVB. The changes affected production, sales and product pattern along with the replacement of the full management staff and all engineers of the factory.


The manufacturing basis at Heves is capable of processing 900-1000 m3 concrete in a one-shift working system. The plant produces primarily prefabricated reinforced concrete products, various structural elements. The earlier product pattern with manufacturing so called soft iron and pre-tensioned structural elements has been completed with the production of crustal panels, furthermore the formwork park has been expanded, and the development of reinforcement steel prefabrication is also on  the agenda. 50-60 percent of the finished products are used in the own general contracting activity of the company while the surplus capacities are sold in the free market.


Market demands enable the plant to operate with full capacity, consequently the jobs of the blue-collar workers are not only maintained but their number has redoubled. In accomplishing their tasks, they are supported by a staff of 10 professionals possessing experience of many years.

The most important changes have affected the operation and the market presence of the plant of 7500 m2 footing area.  A stable and in every respect predictable practice has replaced the earlier circumstances. The new factory offers a full scope of services from manufacturing and delivery of RC elements up to the assembly of the structural frames. According to plans, the facility represents about 10-12 percent of the full Hungarian RC prefab capacity, and according to the reasonable anticipation of the company, thanks to the boom of the sector, sales will not run into difficulties, either.

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