The Grabarics Construction Ltd took over the full capacity of the reinforced concrete prefabricating plant in Heves in the spring of 2017, when a new era was started in the plant under the trade name Grabarics Reinforced Concrete (GVB). The objective and reason of founding the GVB was to make sure that the increasing demand for prefabricated structures within the company group could be met in reliable quality and always in time.

Within the activities of the plant the comprehensive implementation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures plays a leading role. Upon the orders paced by companies participating in free market, and in association with the own general contracting projects the plant manufactures various items such as complete manufacturing hall structures, multiple level building frames, pillar, girders, stair, purlins, footing panels, retaining walls and individual reinforced concrete products. In addition to the prefabrication of the so called wrought iron and pre-stressed structural elements the product range was supplemented with the production of shell panels, and at the same time, the range of formworks was extended, and initial steps have been taken to improve the prefabrication of reinforcing steel. The Grabarics Reinforced Concrete is capable of producing special elements too, including products weighing up to 40 t, and for bridging 36 m spans.

Designing, production, delivery and site erection is also undertaken by the Grabarics Reinforced Concrete in association with the installation of prefabricated structures.

A series of development was initiated in the plant in 2018, including the extension of production capacity in response to the increasing demand, and in addition to that the IT background of the production base was improved, and a state of art production management system was introduced. We procured efficient reinforcing steel processing line, cranes, as well as a steam cabin and material handling equipment necessary for the technology. A storage facility for final products was created with 3000 m2 floor space, and a tensioning hall was established with 2800 m2 floor space. The production capacity of the plant was increased by about 40 % in the field of tensioned products as a result of the development efforts.

Besides the development of the production technology, the compliance with the orders in a timely manner and in high quality is facilitated by a significant own and subcontractor workforce having over 120 persons. Thanks to the developments we are now able to provide a wider range of services to the customers.


Our team of structural design engineers consists of highly qualified engineers, who have extensive theoretical and practical experience. Our colleagues are ready to respond to issues related to the emerging special requirements and to recommend alternative engineering solutions.

The objective of Grabarics Reinforced Concrete is to produce high quality prefabricated concrete units with the utilization of state of art environmental friendly production management, while focusing on the requirements of the customers, within the agreed budget and by the planned deadlines.

With the initial capacity extension and by the subsequent dramatic increase of capacity, together with the extension of the product range it was possible to secure a significant participation in the free market. An increasing number of market players start to get interested in the reinforced concrete prefabricated plant, and by now we have secured lots of orders from the customers.   


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