SÁEZ: a new character in the Hungarian market of cranes


SÁEZ, a Spanish crane manufacturer chose Grabarics Constructions Ltd. as its exclusive distributor in Hungary. The two companies entered into agreement in spring of 2018 and the first equipment have already been put into operation. In addition to marketing the tower cranes, our company runs a rent-a-crane business marking a significant progress in alleviating the severe shortage of such equipment experienced in the entire construction industry.

The internationally acknowledged SAEZ tower cranes have not been in use in Hungary where the manufacturer has not had a distributor. Its equipment are used in six continents, from the peak of Mont Blanc to Cape Town and its assortment of tower cranes satisfies, in technical terms, the entire demand by the Hungarian construction companies.

The advanced SÁEZ cranes have a mature design and their outstandingly high price/value ratio justified to choose this manufacturer. Both the height and the jib length of the flat top or hammerhead types equipped with crane crab can be as much as 65 meters and their maximum load capacity can be 24 tons. One can find also luffing-jib cranes featuring height and jib size up to 65 meters while their load bearing capacity can range to 36 tons.

The biggest advantages offered by our rent-a-crane business can be summarized as follows:

  • we reduce the administrative, maintenance and servicing tasks the rented equipment normally require, to a minimum,
  • we can assign proficient and competent operators to the cranes rented from us,
  • within the renting period, we undertake commissioning of the cranes in accordance with the occupational safety regulations. Thus, the rented tower crane shall be operated by professionals, ensuring continuity of the construction works.

If you are interested in learning more about our rent-a-crane service or have further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information can be received from:

engineer, preparations
+36 30 288 4517

head of forwarding
+36 30 288 4508