Job anniversaries

Based on the time spent at the company the owner Gábor Grabarics traditionally greets the employees having round number of job anniversaries at the usual Christmas parties at the end of the year. The colleagues who have spent 5, 10, 15 or 20 at the company receive bonuses, as well as words of appreciation from the owner with reminiscing the common experiences.


Mrs. Nagy, Mária Tonka, 2015-01-02: 10-year job anniversary

I worked hard during the years, sometimes among rather challenging conditions. My work was appreciated, I had lots of joyful experiences during this time period. I have been working with excellent colleagues, my professional knowledge improved a lot during the years. My best experiences include the company excursions and team building sessions, which were pleasant and joyful always. I will work probably one or two more years in the profession before retiring. I am happy to pass my experiences and knowledge to the younger generations, because the future is theirs.  

Lóránt Resch: 5-year job anniversary

Right from the day of my recruitment I appreciated the high degree of organisation and structured approach used at the company. The managers are accessible and are good partners, I work in an excellent team, where the attitude is pleasant. My determining experience during the past 5 years is my price I won for the first time individually for a project, and I have pleasant memories also about the company parties and the trips we took.

Zoltán Semmelweis: 10-year job anniversary

I was at a difficult period of my live when I started working for the company, so I owe many thanks to this job and the trust the company exercised towards me. I established and operated the field with great impetus and enthusiasm. My profession can be regarded as rather challenging with occasional crises, but my attitude and energy is unbroken, I am still going strong.