• 2020. 01. 17
    First of all, we wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
    We would like once again to thank our Partners and Colleagues for their honorable trust, we will try to deserve your positive attitude we have received and, as a matter of course, to meet the challenges of the year 2020!We close almost every year by saying that so many exciting things have happened to us and we have left behind a busy period.
  • 2020. 01. 17
    Plant capacity
    Within the scope of activity of our plant, the complete execution of prefabricated reinforced concrete structural works plays a leading role. The plant manufactures complete hall structures, multi-storey building frames, pillars, beams, stairs, purlins, plinths panels, retaining walls, and customized reinforced concrete products for the free market and in connection with our own general construction projects.
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