• 2018. 02. 22
    Over 20 billion for the development of the Buda Hospital of the Order of Charity
    The Buda Hospital of the Order of Charity will be an advanced institute adjusted to the demands of the 21st century after the completion of its reconstruction and the construction of two new wings – said the minister of national economy on the press conference held on 16.02.2018.
  • 2018. 02. 02
    Recalibration instead of stress
    The shortage of labour hinders performance in many sectors, including the construction industry. It became evident by now, that this is not just a temporary phenomenon. In the opinion of the executive director of Grabarics Ltd, the longer completion times and queuing of investors should be considered in their business plans by all the participants in the market sooner than later.
Latest news
  • In December 2021, Szeged was enriched with a large-scale facility when the Szeged Multifunctional Handball Hall (also known as the PICK Aréna) was inaugurated. The complete prefabricated structure of the sports centre was designed and the elements were manufactured and installed on site by Grabarics Reinforced Concrete.
  • Grabarics Development’s project under preparation will be a 5-apartment condominium at 16 Kapy Street, Pasarét, Budapest, District II. The preliminary design works are currently underway.
  • On 17 June, the National Athletics Centre, Budapest’s new sports and leisure park, which will also host the World Athletics Championships in August, opened.
  • In order to make us able to write that Grabarics Construction Ltd was founded 30 years ago, a number of factors had to develop in our favour. The anniversary of a company is about its history.
  • One of Europe’s most modern communications technology complexes has been completed, resembling the magical world of the Narnia novel sequence, said András Koltay, President of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (Hungarian abbreviation: NMHH) at the inauguration of the organisation’s Metrology Building Complex.