Latest news
  • The road surface is being renovated in a length of about 1 km on Dózsa György Road, and the refurbishment of pavements and bicycle paths is also included in the project executed by the Grabarics Út és Közmű Kft belonging to the Grabarics Group.
  • Since spring 2019, when we have installed the reinforcing steel manufacturing line in our RC prefabrication plant at Heves, we have been able to supply all monolithic RC orders of Grabarics Kft. from here and we also provide reinforcing steel for the elements manufactured in the plant.
  • The key subject of the Grabarics workshop organized in October was the smooth and constructive collaboration between the project implementation department of our company and its associated departments, in the framework of which we invited our colleagues to think together.
  • The activities of the factory unit was substantially changed when the Grabarics Építőipari (Construction) Ltd acquired the reinforced concrete prefabricating plant of Heves. By now we became a determining player in the market, we are widely considered as promising partner.
  • It is very important to us, that many university and college students participate in getting acquainted with our profession in the plant, thus facilitating the training of domestic experts for the construction industry. It is our open objective to persuade the most talented people that they plan their future at us and with us, but at least that they are well aware of the Grabarics Ltd, when they get their degrees at the university.