2022. 09. 20
ALDI has opened its third department store in Miskolc
Yet another department store was added to the chain of ALDI in Hungary. The company opened its third store on 25 August in Miskolc at the address 2 Nagyváthy János street.
ALDI has opened its third department store in Miskolc

By now the domestic chain of stores of ALDI was extended to 158 members. The cooperation between GRABARICS and ALDI was started in 2011, as a result of which we constructed 11 ALDI department stores (including the 100th and 150th ones), and we participated in establishing showcase bakeries in 32 operating department stores, the total value of which is close to 4.5 billion HUF.  The total floor area of the department stores we constructed is about 17 500 m2.

The Miskolc unit of the chain was opened at the ground floor of the former DOMUS furniture store. The size of the of the store allowed the accommodation of other units in addition to ALDI, such as the existing pharmacy, tobacco shop, furniture store, flower shop for the benefit of the customers.  The shopfloor of ALDI store was established after an extensive renovation at the place of a food store operated formerly here. During the renovation started in April 2022 the company made efforts to establish solutions corresponding to the latest state of art and providing a low energy consumption. As a result of renovation works the store was provided with a low energy LED lighting and state of art building engineering solutions, which ensure now the appropriate climate for the store rooms, shopfloor and social spaces with an energy consumption less than the former systems. Thanks also to these pioneering green solutions the ALDI this year was awarded the price “The environment friendly trader of the year” for the second time in a row. The company significantly extended the parking lots, which were available here previously. Next to the commercial building 70 parking places were established in addition to the existing 21 ones, thus the number of parking spaces available for the customers is now 91.     

  • In December 2021, Szeged was enriched with a large-scale facility when the Szeged Multifunctional Handball Hall (also known as the PICK Aréna) was inaugurated. The complete prefabricated structure of the sports centre was designed and the elements were manufactured and installed on site by Grabarics Reinforced Concrete.
  • Grabarics Development’s project under preparation will be a 5-apartment condominium at 16 Kapy Street, Pasarét, Budapest, District II. The preliminary design works are currently underway.
  • On 17 June, the National Athletics Centre, Budapest’s new sports and leisure park, which will also host the World Athletics Championships in August, opened.
  • In order to make us able to write that Grabarics Construction Ltd was founded 30 years ago, a number of factors had to develop in our favour. The anniversary of a company is about its history.
  • One of Europe’s most modern communications technology complexes has been completed, resembling the magical world of the Narnia novel sequence, said András Koltay, President of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (Hungarian abbreviation: NMHH) at the inauguration of the organisation’s Metrology Building Complex.